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If you can dream it, you can wear it

Discover the future of nail art with the NAILAE nail printer

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How does it work?

Experience NAILAE step-by-step

You’ll find the NAILAE Station in leading beauty salons around the world

Etape 1 : Download the NAILAE App

Download the NAILAE App then browse our exclusive design library or upload your own photos. Save your favorite design to automatically generate a QR code.


When you’re at your favorite NAILAE beauty salon, show your QR code to send your nail designs directly to the NAILAE Station and experience the magic of nail printing.


Show off! Take a #nailfie and share with all your friends. Congrats! You’re now part of the NAILAE community.

The NAILAE beauty tips image 1

Before choosing your nail design the only thing you need to remember is…

the darker your nail polish, the darker your design needs to be.

image 2

If you wear white polish,
you can print any design.
So get creative!

image 3

If you’re already wearing colored polish,
you can only print designs
that are darker than your polish.

Mix and match your favorite nail polish colors with NAILAE’s exclusive designs.

Browse the image 4 collection on the NAILAE app

Don’t have the NAILAE app yet? Don’t panic.

You can still access a selection of our best nail designs using the NAILAE Station
at your beauty salon

Here it is! The nail printer that’s revolutionizing the experience of nail design

Curious? Watch our tutorial to see how the NAILAE Station works!

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