About Nailae

NAILAE Station - Nail printer

Nailae was born in France,
raised in Hong Kong and now travels worldwide.


Our team includes engineers, designers, digital lovers and beauty professionals.
Together, we have designed a nail printer that is beautifully constructed, user-friendly and digitally focused.
The NAILAE Station brings together fashion and innovation, making nail design easy, fast, fun and affordable.

We’re inspired by the idea of helping women around the world express their creativity in limitless combinations.
Our motto: limitless fantasies at your fingertips

We can’t wait for you to share your nail design inspirations with us.

Meet Alexandre, Nailae’s founder

Believe it or not, a man has invented Nailae. Alexandre has enjoyed imagining a new creative space that helps all women showcase their unique personnalities. He explains us why, when and how nail design has burst into his life.
And ours.

Tell us about yourself
I am a French entrepreneur with a strong taste for adventure. I was born in Paris and raised in Nantes, a city located in the west of France. I left Nantes 8 years ago to settle in Hong Kong with my family.
What started everything?

Everything started from a discussion with a friend of my father. He was complaining about how long his wife spends getting her nails done and asked me, jokingly, if I had a solution to this problem. I took it quite seriously and began doing some research… I had no idea it would lead to a global nail revolution and that now I’d be at the service of women all around the world!

How long did it take to make the NAILAE Station?

Almost two years! We developed several prototypes before creating the perfect model. We wanted the NAILAE Station to be aesthetic, connected and super easy to use. We’re continuing to innovate and improve the technology. One of the key aspects for us was creating something fun to use, that’s really important!

What is the NAILAE spirit?

The brand aims to offer women a service that mixes beauty and technology. We also want to create a strong nail design community, together with our customers. Style and creativity really are about sharing. That’s why NAILAE brings together art, culture, design and more to create a unique platform for self-expression.

What's your favorite design?

I really enjoy printing my own pictures on nails. So my favorite design is a picture of my son.