They’re talking about us

Press reviews and testimonials about the NAILAE experience.

“I’m always nervous about trying any of the gadgets and gizmos at my local salon. The first time I tried NAILAE I couldn’t believe how easy it was! Just like that and my nails looked AMAZING!”

Nailaesta, Sydney

“NAILAE is an affordable and easy way for me to help my clients change their minds whenever they like. It’s a little bit of fun and it’s always a conversation starter!”

Beautician, Hong Kong

“When NAILAE says ‘limitless’ they mean it. My nails are super cute. I call them my ‘secret weapon’!”

Nail artist, Tokyo

“A lot of my clients are busy workabees who are expected to look completely on trend. NAILAE was the perfect answer for me to help them, without them having to go all out with their wardrobe.”

Beautician, New York City

“I like that I can print my own pictures. My nails become a canvas and I enjoy being the artist.”

Nailaesta, Paris

“I love having my nails done with NAILAE. I always get them done, no matter what the occasion… and I always find an occasion!”

Nailaesta, Los Angeles